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Guestbook letters and emails

Please Email me any comments you wish to add to this page

My name is Graham and I reside in Newcastle Australia, I came across your website by accident and found it very interesting and inspiring; first let me give you a background of myself, I am co - author of a pinball book (pinball snapshots) with Marco Rossignoli; Marco as you may already know is author of two other pinball books (The complete pinball book and Pinball memories) that he wrote prior to our commitment to this series.
Anyway, in my book with Marco we covered three bingo machines and gave a detailed account of the rules and strategies of each machine, with of course very good photos from Marco to back up each game; the games in question were all Bally (of course) and were - BALI 1974, GALAXY 1978 and TOUCHDOWN 1960, I hope you and your friends have had a chance to look at the book and view the bingo chapters (my favorite to write).
Marco and I are nearing the completion of our second book (title not known yet) and would just like to inform you (and the readers of your website) that this book also includes a detailed account of three more bingo games; these chapters have been fully completed, and I hope I don't sound biased when I say this, but the text and photos of each machine turned out better then we could have hoped; the games in question are - FROLICS 1952, CARNIVAL QUEEN 1958 and MISS AMERICA DELUXE 1977; Frolics and Miss America were restored by myself, but with the Carnival Queen the cosmetics was done by the owner, with me restoring the mechanics; Carnival Queen is owned by Mark Hanlon who recently sent you an e- mail describing his game with mention of a payout hopper (the hopper is not mentioned in the chapter as to leave the game original); Mark came to me a while ago and mentioned that he would like a hopper in his game and I said it could be done, as I know some games came from the factory as such; after many thought sessions and many beers, I came up with the wiring configuration and applied it to Marks game, and then amazingly it worked, so if you or any readers of your site would like a written description in layman's terms of how to install a hopper in their own game, hopefully in the near future I can send you the details to pass on to anyone interested.
More about myself; I am 43 years old and for the last 20 years have been restoring/repairing bingos, EM pinballs and slot machines; I have about 30 regular customers who machines I service in their homes, and am the only bingo repairer in the area. Of these customers only a handful own bingos, but they are always my favorite to fix. At the moment I am restoring a KEYWEST and have just sold a restored BALI, plus I own about 6 other bingos. Thanks for reading, this was mainly to let you and your friends know that bingo is going strong on the other side of the world, plus feel free to use this e-mail or part of, on your website.

Graham Mc Guiness      


Hi Chris,

              Hope you are well, as you know I operated a large amount of Bingo's in East Anglia during the early 1960's. I see you are asking about Service engineers for Bingo's in the London Area. I don't know that there are many left around but if you contact Pat at Paulamatics in Norwich, he is still in business and was the second best engineer of bingo's that I ever knew, I say the second best because there was a guy in Holland called Kreil who worked for Hobea N.V in Amsterdam and he was the best I ever knew. I am at this time getting ready to retire and spend more time on writing my book's on about my life and the other is about Coin Operated equipment found on Ebay, I am 63 years young and have just become a Father to a beautiful little girl called Rachelle. So I am taking it a little easier now. I have just started selling some of my Coin Operated collectables and have just advertised some original Bingo pictures on Ebay, you may want to look under Pinballs-Paper and Manuals. Keep up the good work I have not given up on the Calendar idea I will stay in touch best regards from the U.S.A.
Freddy Bailey 

Vic Camp

Here is my story and connection to the reasons I love the bingos and how I became totally addicted to them, plus what they mean to me today.

I started playing flipper games in 1963 at the age of 7 and stopped by the age of 13 in 1969 after seeing and playing for a first time a six card bingo pinball machine called (Bally) Lite a Line (manufactured in 1961) which I stumbled on by accident in the back room of Ting a Ling's hot dog place located in Newark, New Jersey on Bloomfield Ave across from Branch Brook park. There were other places in the Northward Italian section of Newark, New Jersey in the late 1960's that had six card Lite a Line bingos like the Blue Castle on Park ave near Hootens chocolate factory , Blue Shutter, Roses candy store which became Rat Mikes (in the late 1970's early 1980's), JJ's on Mt Prospect ave and Bloomfield ave and two other small soda fountain shops which were located on First ave & No.10th st and the other on Bloomfield ave next to the 322 bar/club.

Finding out that store owners and route people would give you cash on the spot for your replays on bingo games made me not want to put another dime in a flipper game again. The first real lure to wanting to play the bingos was the fact that you could win 100's of replays with one dime. Rat Mike's was the best location for me because it was walking distance from my house on Lake St in Newark NJ. Rat Mike's store was so big Mike was able to have four or five bingos in the place at one time which in turn meant most times you didn't have wait that long to play your rolls of coins. Ting a Ling also housed two or three at a time and I have memories of playing there for many years, plus Sonny the owner of Ting a Ling made the best Italian lemon ice in the state and the hot dogs were the greatest when his father was still alive. I could write a book on all the colorful bingo player characters and people affiliate with these so popular games back then in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

In Newark, NJ in the 1960's I only remember there being six card games called Lite a Line which were at many different locations through out the big city until of course in the 1970's when Bally made all those other great six card twenty five cents games packed with lots of new additional features. Here are all 20 six card bingos Bally produced starting with the first bingo ever made by Bally called Bright Lights in(1951), Frolic's(1952), Bright Spot (1952), Fun Way (1959), Lotta Fun (1959), Barrel of Fun (1961), Lite a Line (1961), Barrel-0-Fun 61(1961), Barrel-0- Fun 62 (1962), Shoot a Line (1962),Hole in One(1971), and Stock Market(1971),Ticker Tape(1972), Wall Street(1974), Blue Chip(1975), Bull Market(1976), High Flyer(1977), Nashville(1978) and Dixieland(1979).

I do remember seeing and playing a Bally Dude Ranch on the boardwalk in Seaside Hts, NJ in the Royal arcade back around 1967 for a nickle a game and a Bally Key West in the boardwalk Fasination Place back in the late 1980's. These two bingos were the only other bingos besides Lite a Line that I knew of in New Jersey until I started collecting
bingos in the the early 1990's.

Playing six card bingos in stead of the other types of bingo games Bally was manufacturing at the time like the one card games, magic screen games or turning corners games, etc, would make you a better bingo player faster because the six card games started and end much quicker than the other types of multi coin bingos. Most of the six card bingos were max coin limits ( 6, 8 or 11 coin max) in stead of the multi coin other type bingos like the (one card, magic screen, turning corners,etc) games. So by playing more complete games at a quicker pace this would give a player more chances at playing a game and in return more play time making the player become a better player faster.

Edgar Lasky

Just found your Web and enjoyed all the great pictures and storys.I'm just a Bingo'er from way back and last year got my first one.Since then I've purchased a couple more,some in not to good condition.I found out that I have more fun repairing them,it's quite a challenge.I've had some great help from Danny Leach,Phil Hopper and Vic Camp.They pointed me in the right direction of my problems.Playing is fun but when you get into a Bingo and repair it yourself it makes playing fantactic.Later--ED

Freddy Bailey

Hi Chris,
I just received an e-mail from an old friend in England that I have not seen for over 20 years. You will perhaps remember I told you a story about when I bought my first Bingo in 1959 and I took it to a friend of mine in Birmingham who had a guy from the army that could fix the machine, is name was David Wilcox who later became the Managing Director of Associated Leisure Ltd. Well he looked at your websight and contacted me, I have been trying to find him for several years during the research for my up and coming book, ( I am sending you a picture trough your e-mail address) so it seems that a lot of people that really know bingo's are looking at your websight, also I would like your permission to use your Bingo backflash images for my new 2006 calender. Once again keep up the good work.
Your Friend.

Freddy Bailey


Hi Chris
I spoke to you on the phone the other night regarding the mixer motor for my machine 1962 Model "The Twist" it turns out i most likely can get this repaired, and cheaply as a good fiend of mine works at a motor rewinders. I'll keep you informed , thanks for your help over the phone, will speak to you soon. Phil. (Birmingham U.K.)

Freddy Bailey

Hi Chris,
I noticed that a guy told you that he used to play the bingo's in Ron's Cafe in Bury-St-Edmonds, that was one of my locations, Ron also had a cafe in Harlestone near Beccles, one night he left me a message on the Robophone (our answering machine in those day's)saying that he needed sixpences urgently. I called him back and in an out of breath way told me yes he needed sixpences but I had cought him in a compromising situation, 9 months later Ron's Italian wife had a little boy. It is amazing how small the World is because several years later I bumped into Ron's wife in an hotel in Milan, Italy.

Freddy Bailey

Keep up the great work, people like you are so badly needed to keep the History of the Bingo Machines alive. from your friend in the U.S.A.

Freddy Bailey
Operater of Bingo's since 1959


Just received and finished the prints of three backglasses. They look wonderful, you can't see the difference with the original. Thanks Christopher for this splendid job.

Danny Leach

You guys Rock! - Love the site!

If anyone has any cool / great bingo pinballs stories and memories, I would love to hear them............

Federico Croci

Greetings from an happy "Laguna Beach" owner! :-)

Freddy Bailey

Hi Ballybingo,As you know I was a Bally Bingo operator in East Anglia in the early 60's. I had a location in The Riverside Cafe in Riverside Rd, Norwich. this location had 3 bingo's, Broadway, Showtime and Bikini, Across the road was a Petrol Station owned by a man named Mr Story, every time I went to this location this guy would be in there playing the Bingo's, I used to have to go to this location every night to give the location sixpences to pay out his customers, (this was the best location in Norwich 1,000 pounds a week) I told this guy to not play the machines so much AS HE WOULD GO BROKE, He wanted to fight me and told me to mind my own business, he went broke within a year.

Freddy Bailey

Hi.I want to congratulate you on your new Website, I just wrote you a long History of bingo's but it would not Submit, so I will send by e-mail. Best Regards.Freddy Bailey-PresidentAng lo British Vending Inc."Serving The Industry Since 1955"

Robert McHenry

Just picked up a Challenger Bingo made by a company called Sorex out of Belgium. I'd like to contact Mick Fisher and help him get his game back in order but I don't have his email address. I'm also looking for documentation on my game. Robert McHenry


Hi UK bingo addicts,Love your site and admire your work done of restoring backglasses.Send you a tiny pic of a selection of my bingo's.See you around.Frans Ballybingo:Hi FransThanks for leaving a picture with some of your bingo's. I look forward to seeing them for myself later in the year. Keep up your good work in the restoration of these wonderful old machines

Steve Smith

Nice site! I used to play a Golden Gate in the backroom of a small diner in the Bon-Air section of Richmond back in the mid 70's.I bought Jeff Lawton’s Bally Bingo book 3 months ago which got me fired up to play again. I couldn't find a place to play so one month ago I bought a working Bikini game and have not stopped playing since. Still have never hit 3 in the blue. Wife is now a bingo widow. one more game ... one more game ... one more game ...Cheers!!!

Doug Redfarn

2Hi, I've just come across your site following a recommendation from David Cross. I used to play these things in a couple of Cafes in Lewisham, one was next door to the Odeon cinema,[now a round about! The other cafe was opposite a Pub called the Roebuck [still there] to the left hand side of the Cinema, in a grotty cafe called 'Bottys' I also have a love of old EM Pinball machines, and I would like to add one or two good Bingo's to my collection. Perhaps we could look at doing a swap or something? Look at what I have on the website or my collector entry in the Mr Pinball site. Many thanksDoug.

john carter

hoping to start collecting, or even just play again, my youth

Mick Fisher

Hi,what a brilliant site.I too am a bingo lover from way back when.I spent 25 years looking for a machine and 4 years ago a very nice guy called KAI found me one. While the missus watches Emerdale I fire her up (the bingo that is)and return to my youth,heaven,That is until recently.She is not a well lady(the bingo)and she desperately needs a doctor .Can anyone help her?She is a relatively young lass ( i did try for a more mature lady but i just could not pull at that time)but she has given me many happy hours and I miss her dearly.Her name is GOLDEN CONTINENTAL TURBO Made by SOREX of BELGIUM.Please help i keep telling the missus i am not interested in what Jack Sugden is getting up to "int top field" but she is gradualy wearing me down. All the best for the future


Hello, I have just taken delivery of a Bally Cypress Gardens machine and I am so happy to see this wonderful site, i used to play 25 years ago and have always wanted to own one, i am not able to play at the moment as it needs some minor attention (I hope) I would appreciate any information or links to get it running properly or in touch with someone who knows how to fix my machine Many Thanks Dave  


 I wasn't tall enough but as my uncle had a transport Cafe there were plenty of stools for me to sit on to reach.....He had a Miss America and what was probably a Key West at one and a Carnival Queen and an OK (I don't remember the name) at his other cafe. The original cafe was at Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, (on the A10 just by what is now the M25 junction - it was a Little Chef last time I passed) and the other one was in Hertfordshire as well, (Hoddesdon). Typical 60's jobs with Espresso machines and juke boxes with Coke, Pepsi and 7up in glass bottles. Friday night was the time when the drivers came in with their pay packets - no wonder they outlawed gambling on these beauties. Many a happy hour was spent (miss-spent?) in Drakes cafe and latterly Rons cafe in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, neither of which exist now, playing bingo's instead of lessons......Am I sad or just getting old? Thru threepenny bits to tanners and on to 5p's.Sorry to take up the space on your guest book. I will take some piccies and forward them on as soon as I get a chance. Regards


Hi to all you bingo nuts - like the site good to see the pics of UK machines. I have a Carnival Queen, (bought from Dave Countdown), which drives me mad - even though I don't have to put the money in.....I hope to restore it one day so be ready for the cries for help from deepest Lancs. PS first started playing these at around age 4 - is that a record?


Nice new site Chris best regards Mal ('56 Big Show)

Jeffrey Lawton

I am finally looking over your new site. Only took me 4 months but I finally got here. I am glad everyone is enjoying my book. Lots of good memories went into it. The book is a true labor of love.

Fabio B

Hi! I love people spending time doing this kind of web sites that preserve our priceless piece of past: bingos and pinballs (my loves). I have started in 1999 buying a Williams Big Daddy em pinball in a "Pinball Cemetery", uptown Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some guy told me "... congratulations! for the first among much more that will come..." I never believe in those words, but now, I have more than 20 pins (all em) and one bingo Bally Big Time. I am sure all of you enjoy looking pictures, reading specifications, finding out more about the initial creators, en so on...Play them and feel the passion of those precious times...


Hi Bingo Fans, In 1962-66 I owned a company in Norfolk called Automatic Games and Music Ltd. I operated a full line of Coin Operated Games, Including "Treble Chance", "Super Treble Chance", "Rainbow Belle", "Lolly Dolly", "Gold Cup", "De-Luxe Goldcup" and "Musuma Belle all these machines were by Bally, I also operated many "Bingo's" from "Dude Ranch" to "Bikini", in Norfolk the most popular "Bingo's" was "Show Time" and "Beach Time" also "Broadway" ; and "Key West" were very popular, I had these games in most of the Steward & Patterson and Bullards Pubs in the area, Lowestoft was a great town to operate "Bingo's" because the fishing industry was booming and the Scotch visitors had plenty of Sixpences to put in our games. I purchased my first Bingo in 1959 from Kraft Automatics in London, This machine was on Threepenny Pieces and I installed it in a all-night cafe in Loughborough in Leicestershire, it took 11 pounds the first day and then burnt out a motor, I found a guy to fix it that was working part time for Jimmy Fletcher a arcade owner in Birmingham, this guy was still in the Army and helped Jimmy to repair games in his arcade, The guy's name was Dave Wilcox he later became Managing Director of Associated Leisure Ltd the largest Distributors of Games in the U.K. Freddy Bailey


Not really a collector but own a Malibu Beach. Get great pleasure from playing machine. Can troubleshoot and repair my machine.

Dave Cross

Hi to all bingo fans everywhere, and well done to Chris for making this site for us bingo fans in the UK. Still looking for more machines and parts etc ( arent we all? ) Any info, get in touch

Stephen Shackleton [shacky]

Hi Chris here at last, must thank you for the fantastic week end last year when Dave and I visited you, your hospitality overwhelming. its late Sunday evening and not really had time to look over the site but will put it in my favorites and look again when I have more time I think Dave and I are of to Newark on Sunday the 18th of January all being well so I may be able to add something else to my collection, we will have to arrange for yourself and wife to visit us for a week end we have a house in Nelson which is empty at the moment and you are welcome to stay, perhaps when the better weather comes, we could also visit Dave and play his machines which is only one hours drive away so hope to here from you soon Steve Shack

Bernard LeBlanc



Just stumbled on your site via the bingo.cdyn.com link.Keep up the good work on the site although a couple of links are not working on your location map.Look forward to seeing how you progress.