21 May 2022

17th December

Hard to believe that another year has nearly gone by and from my point of view there has been little change apart from me now moving up into my eighth decade.

 I have sold off my 1964 Williams Eager Beaver as it never really fitted in with my other woodrails but it has been replaced with a 1952 Williams Disk Jockey that is crossover from pinball to bingo. It is nothing special to play but it is nice to have in a collection of pinball’s and bingo’s (picture in My Machines).

I have also bought a Keeney’s Super Blue Spot on eBay and transferred all the mechanics of my existing one which had a mass of modifications to run on post decimal coinage, it is now on 6d play with a coin mech. that accepts 6d, 1/-, 2/- and 2/6. The rest was rubbish so I have plenty of Keeney parts now.

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