21 May 2022

30th October

Hi folks it’s time for a long overdue update of what has happened in the past few months subject to my ever decreasing memory capacity.

Following on from my last post I have been able to work out the correct payout for “Copper Star” on my Keeney’s Pony Derby which is 1st place 150, 2nd place 100 and 3rd place 50 subject to Copper Star being lit which is at random. An unusual feature is that there is no cash payout but a bell rings for each 25 coin award which is verified by the attendant.

I can also report that Freddy is still alive and well or he certainly was a few months ago.

I have recently acquired a Bally “Lolly Dolly” via our old friend eBay which can be viewed on my machines page.

Sadly due to failing health Peter Hoebert’s fabulous collection has now been auctioned off.

Welcome to new owner Rob from Suffolk who recently bought my Palm Springs.

Another good reunion at Kevin’s place during the summer which was well attended including Ed, Frans and Coos from the Netherlands, it was really good to see them all together again.

Several new backglasses added to the ever growing list, mostly pinball though.

A recent TV series “Bad Move” with Jack Dee featured a scene with a Cypress Gardens shown in the background. I have attached a couple of screenshots from the programme.

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