21 May 2022


Hello and welcome to the updated ballybingo.co.uk


I’m Dave C and I have taken over the ballybingo.co.uk site from Chris Dade. I know how much time and effort Chris has put into the site over the last many years and how many people he helped get together thanks to the ballybingo site. I wish Chris the best in the future. Thankfully I managed to catch up with Chris earlier in the year at his place and got to see first hand his amazing collection of bingos, flippers and bandits etc. I’m not sure I’d get away with such a collection as that but with a few games under my belt I have surely made a good start. A great guy and a pleasure to meet. Thanks Chris.

I have managed a couple of Bally bingo restorations myself, more on the electro- mechanical side than the wood and its there I like to be. Well since getting the, “what I’m going to call” enthusiasm for bingos I have manged over the last year to get to know a couple of guys I want to mention on my opening post.

I made an out of the blue call to David H just over a year ago when I found a bingo on Ebay, and what a call that turned out to be. I think since then I’ve spent many hours talking to him and what a great guy he is. Along with advice from Chris H, David H has helped me get over many hurdles and without the support I got from him I’m sure I wouldn’t of been writing this today. I never did get a hotline to Chris H but who knows what the future holds.

So, I want to start with massive thanks David H for all them late night, early mornings and afternoon calls you took and for all the parts and information you gathered for me. I can’t wait to make the trip to see you and Chris H and hopefully get a view of your amazing collection. Honestly, I can’t thank you enough.

Another guy I want to thank is Phil @cdyn Now where do I start, Phil, its great talking to you and yes I did manage a couple of chats without my head in a bingo. You answered every question I ever asked and some days that eureka moment came to me in the middle of the night, but what a guy you really are. I’m not looking for aspiration but you really have inspired me to another level. I just want to thank you again and I hope we have many years of friendship to come.

So, were here, ballybingo.co.uk is back and I can’t wait to hear from those of you that also have the enthusiasm for Bally bingos. I’m going to put a post together explaining my history with Bally bingos but it would be great to hear from you. If you own a Bally bingo the new 2021 register is going to be compiled so we can see how many are here in the UK and also a BUY/SELL/WANTED page for bingos or parts. There’s also help and advice here if you need it.

I have all the original posts and pictures from Chris Dade so nothing has been lost and over the next few months I’ll post them back on.

Well if you got this far then all I can say is thanks you for your time, send us a message to say hello and lets get the bally community back together again.

We also have a facebook page so Iook out for that.

Best wishes to you all Dave C

3 thoughts on “ballybingo.co.uk”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Congratulations ! Lovely to have the new website up and running.

    If there’s anything that Dave and I can do to help anyone with machine problems just let us know.

    Chris H.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the response
    Good to hear from you and I’m sure everyone will appreciate the offer.

    Dave C

  3. hi i am looking for a virtual ballybingo machine my name is Peter Munro aka ebberdon please let me know if possible thanks peter

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