21 May 2022

Bingo “butch”

Great to see the recognition of Bingo Butch Glauda from Pottsville Pennsylvania, USA

Ballybingo.co.uk would like to pass on our congratulations to “Bingo Butch” whom having followed him and Mike on Facebook for a long time is well known for having the largest bingo pinball collection in the U.S.A and probably around the world. He has acquired every Bally Bingo Pinball machine and almost every United Bingo Pinball. The latest development for those of you who may not follow Bingo Butch is the opening of his pinball Museum there in his hometown of Pottsville.

So good luck Bingo Butch, Mike, Bud and family, we wish you every success of the museum and look forward to future posts.

Pottsville is certainly on the map now!!

If you want to keep up to date with Bingo Butch then find him on Facebook – Bally/United Bingo Pinball by Bingo Butch

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